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          Jews for a Labour victory

          Jews for a Labour victory

          22 November 2019: Statement by Jewish Socialists on the coming UK General Election

          Groomed by the Far Right

          23 October 2019: In a speech at a recent anti-racism conference, David Rosenberg elucidated the pivotal place of antisemitism in far right ideology

          Happy New Year ??? ????

          29 September 2019: The Jewish Socialists' Group wishes everyone a Happy New Year.

          Jewish Socialists’ Group Statement

          16 September 2019: The Israeli General Election September 2019

          Jewish antiracists speak out against the new PM

          24 July 2019: Jewish Socialists’ Group statement on Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minister

          Jewish Socialist No 72 on sale!

          22 July 2019: The new issue of the magazine is back from the printers and is selling fast

          Speak out against Trump

          3 June 2019: Statement by the Jewish Socialists' Group

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